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Digital Cameras

Arri Alexa

We have an Arri Alexa availiable through our partners in South Africa.

Canon 5D MK II/III

Canon 5d Animation

Primarily we use the Canon 5D for stop frame animation, Even though we have a way of syncing the camera for motion control at 25 FPS we would not advise using the 5D in video mode for VFX work.

We have accesories for the 5D that makes it compatiable with a number of Main Stream camera Accesories, This setup also breaks out the "Battery under the body" problem and makes the camera run from a regular 12V battery.

We have a number of different camera triggers.

Stepper Motor - Electronics Adapter

With film cameras Kuper has a "Camera" axis which is used to drive a stepper motor driven camera. The easiest way to show how this works is to show a Stepper motor driven camera (In this case an "in front of the lens" shutter) next to a Canon 5D driven by our Stepper-Motor to electronics adapter.

With this control you can use the "go motion" function of the motion control rig and Perform speed ramps etc.


The only issue with a stepper driven camera is that if the camera does not fire for any reason then there is no feedback to tell the moco rig that there is a problem and the rig will just skip on regardless. With film cameras this was less of a problem as the motor would turn regardless, but with digital cameras there are all sorts of reasons why the camera would not fire.

So for stop motion and timelapse we have a second solution, where the stills camera is the master and the motion control rig is the slave. The camera is triggered either by the operator or by an intervalometer. When the camera triggers it's flash contacts then the moco rig is triggered. If the camera does not fire then the rig will not move to the next position.

VIMEO VIDEO XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Showing the trigger, the flash sync, and the rig moving on ..

We have a range of Manual lenses with focus gears availiable.

Medium Format Digital camera

When people try to shoot timelapse with medium format cameras and backs they very soon come across problems with digital stills camera shutters. Medium Format Stills cameras tend to have shutters that have limited repeatability and limited life.

We got past this problem by building our own "In front of the lens" shutter. The shutter will work with medium format cameras with digital backs, and with our own Sinar Camera. The Sinar camera is also being converted to stepper motor shift and tilt operation on an "As and when" basis

Butterfly Camera

The shutter performance is dependant on the performance of the digital stills back, So tests are required before any job

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